Avengers Endgame Theory: Marvel's Ant Man Is More Important Than Everyone Thinks

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This Avengers Endgame Theory Is Likely To Come True...

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The smallest man can make the largest difference. At least, if that man's name is Scott Lang and he has the power of the Ant-Man suit. Believe it or not, there are theories out there that Lang is actually the key to defeating Thanos. Now pick your jaw off the floor. Seriously, it’s true.

Despite his lack of status in the canon of Marvel Superheroes, Ant-Man actually has some gifts that fans see as central to the plot against Thanos. The survivors are going to need his help.

Yes, it’s hard to picture Paul Rudd as the savior of mankind, but it might actually happen. The trailer and details of production are hinting towards this theory being true.

The only problem is many people have overlooked are tiny hero. Admit it, no one considers Ant-Man to be a real heavy hitter as things currently stand. If you’re making a lineup of MCU heroes, then Ant-Man is likely coming off the bench in terms of usefulness. Still, Lang might prove all the doubters wrong.

So if you’re like us, you’ll want to get to the bottom of this fan theory that preaches the might of Ant-Man. However, fair warning, this video contains MCU spoilers and might end up being the plot of Endgame. So if you prefer your movies with surprises tune in after End Game debuts. You’ll see we are probably right.

With that, it’s time to get into all the microscopic details about this huge Endgame theory.

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