|| Mug Muffin || feat. my blunt cooking skills

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Having the exceptional talent of being a good chef is almost like being richer than your roommate. Both will assume they are entitled to the freeloading, all the time.

This is the reason I stay away from the kitchen. You make a good cup of tea on a fine day and in the blink of eyes, you are the chef of the family. 'Make this no', 'Prepare that no' will be your routine henceforth. Oh, and the criticism; that comes with a semicolon, always.

But it doesn't take much to please yourself, does it? So, when my broke bank yells at me for ordering way too many muffins, I take my good self on the kitchen floor and make a mess. And while I contradict the famous stereotype 'a-woman-belongs-to-the-kitchen', my parents cheer up my messy muffin with greater enthusiasm than they ever did for my good results. I guess, failed attempts at adulting is not that bad afterall, eh?

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