Pep Guardiola fears European Super League will 'kill' domestic football

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PEP GUARDIOLA has warned leagues across the continent will be killed off if greedy owners force through a European Super League.  Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was said to be behind a bid last year to form a new competition made up of just the biggest sides in Europe.  The German giants denied any involvement but rumours are still circulating that club owners wants to come up with a competition just for the elite aimed at earning millions for themselves.  Manchester City boss Guardiola says if the power-hungry officials get their way it will have dire consequences - and says the English game will stand up to fight against any attempts to change the face of the game forever.  In an interview in Catalan newspaper Ara, Guardiola said: "I do not agree much with the idea. Someone should explain to me why it's a good idea.  "If it happens we'll kill the leagues.  "If Barca and Madrid go and they do not play against Espanyol, who will follow the league? The Spanish league will die.  "In England they are very intelligent, the grounds of the fourth division are full. England will not let this essence of local football die.  "Part of the greatness of the Champions League is that it is not every Sunday.  "If games were every week it would lose its charm.  "Barcelona v Espanyol is very necessary for the city. And the more Catalan teams in La Liga, the better.  "If we kill the domestic leagues, nobody will be interested in watching teams that do not have the chance to go to the European league." Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola confirms he will return to Barcelona ‘sooner or later’

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